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Q.How to get the camera view from the phone remotely?

① Ensure the phone and the camera get connect with WLAN
② Android phone download the APP“FreecamHD”in the Android market, the Apple phone download the APP “FreecamHD” in the itunes market, then register and log in the account after installation
③ Click the device manage in the main menu on the top right, then add and start the GID QR code program. Scan the QD code on the cover of the device, you can also fill the GID number、device name、user name、PW manually if can’t scan the QR code
④ Return to the main menu,click the device name of the camera and will get the view after 5-10 seconds

Q.How to calculate the space the camera will use?

A.For instance: 4 channels 1080P camera keep recording 24h with 4M stream, and last a monthformula: Channels*(stream/8)*3600 seconds*24 hours*30days/1024/1024/1024The three 1024 stands for:KB to MB、MB to GB、GB to TBThe Space=4*(4096/8)*3600*24*30/1024/1024/1024=4.94T.

Q.How to upgrade the new version with the Searcher Tool?

A.Open the tool“searcher”, click the search and choose the camera which need upgrade,then click the “update”on the left bottom. Ensure the Warning frame and select the version which to upgrade, then click the “upgrade” all right. NO break off during the progress until 100%, and the device will restart when upgrade success automatically.

Q.How to solve the problem if can’t find the IP address of the Camera?

A.Connect the camera with the PC directly, then search the IP address from “Searcher”. If still can’t get the IP address, try the reset button and try search again

Q.What’s the user name and PW of the IP Camera and Analog Camera?

A.IPC User name:admin PW:123456