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CPSE | Four highlights of Relong

Oct 08,2019

1.Warm Light Full Color Camera

Product Highlights

The warm light full-color camera creatively integrates warm light lighting and video surveillance, which will greatly improve the deterrence of the camera, become a new weapon for crime prevention, and appropriately enhance people's sense of security.


2.Coaxial Audio Camera

Product Highlights

It adopts built-in MIC and realizes simultaneous audio and video transmission through coaxial cable, realizing video and audio UTC triple in 1. Reduce wiring work and achieve complete monitoring with sound and color.


3.Hotel Dedicated Camera

Product Highlights

Using 940nm lamp panel + smart IR technology, user can still get a better picture in low-light environments. When the IR light is turned on, the IR light source is invisible from 1 meter away, which enhances the concealment of the camera's night vision. 


4.Human AnalysisSystem DVR

Product Highlights

Relying on high-precision humanoid algorithms, real-time identification of humanoid features in the screen, and labeling information such as human clothing, color, face, and carried items.